….and we’re back!

The start of September saw us back in the studio and back with Bella at the forefront of our minds.

During the break we’ve been starting to pull together the basis of a script and made the decision to only use words we’ve found written about the case; in newspaper articles, police reports or books to keep the project completely verbatim. So we’re building the script up out of the hundreds of different sources surrounding Bella’s case; from articles about the chalk on the walls and the boys finding the skull, to a police statement by Una Mossop and witness statements by others’ connected with the case

I really love this way of building up the piece and the authenticity it adds to the show – but it does mean we definitely need to keep gathering more information!

We got together on Tuesday and Wednesday last week to get stuck into the beginnings of a script, play with projectors, create a tree (which looked a lot like a dinosaur) out of bamboo, as well as have said beautiful bamboo sculpture removed by the cleaners overnight.

It was great to be together again after a few months apart (although we haven’t actually managed to get the whole cast in one room yet), and we spent most of the time focussing on what is currently ‘Scene 1: the death of Jack Mossop.’ It involves a darkened room, creepy hands, projections of the skull – and it’s already looking pretty good!


The stage is dimly lit, with the edges in darkness. In the centre of the stage is a metal framed bed where a man can be seen sleeping, with a thin woollen blanket covering him. He is restless, moving a little as the spotlight on him brightens.

There are figures standing in the shadows of the stage, their features invisible to the audience. They are watching Jack Mossop.

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